News UK & Ireland

30th November 2021

News UK relocated 2,500 staff from their existing  estate at Thomas More Square, London E1 to The News Building, 1 London Bridge Street SE1 (The Baby Shard)

Five years prior to this relocation RHT had installed 2,500 new Faram Cartasio workstations into the then new Thomas More Square project and continued to service this estate throughout its operating life. The Faram product was specifically redesigned for News UK and was adapted to provide sliding desk tops, this resulted in additional components and multiple desk top configuration requiring a higher skill level from the installer.

This made RHT the first choice to sequentially dismantle and relocate these workstations in a phased migration programme into the new building, working closely with the move team. Two hundred new workstations were ordered and installed to provide swing space. The move was planned to relocate approximately two hundred staff at a time over a weekend by others and for RHT Group to dismantle and install the unoccupied workstations during normal working hours the following week. Relocating the product in the evenings to coincide with planned site access and lift use and build programme.

As the Cartasio product was no longer available on the market, RHT also assisted the News UK with adapting existing worktops by cutting down, re-edging and re-bushing, manufacturing new brackets to support CPU holders. Installing additional monitor arms and taking the excess product into store and providing a controlled stock management solution.



  • Furniture relocation
  • 2500 workstations
  • Weekday dismantle and install
  • Evening relocation
  • 9 month project duration
  • Specialist knowledge required
  • Project management services