The Five Sisters Zoo

RHT Group makes donation to local zoo as part of its ethical disposal scheme.

As part of our ethical disposal scheme, we were delighted to be able to help a local zoo with 9 nearly new microwaves. Five Sisters Zoo, based in West Lothian was established in 2005 and is now home to over 160 different species of mammals, birds and reptiles from around the world. The zoo has also re- homed several bears and lions from a travelling circus.

The zoo is a non-profit making organisation and rely heavily on volunteers and donations.

Our ethical disposal scheme has enabled us to help the zoo with the donation of several microwaves, which are used by volunteers for their own meals, with one of the microwaves being donated to one of the bears who has a penchant for cooked sweet potatoes. She loves the cooked sweet potatoes so much, she now refuses to eat them raw, but we’re sure they taste much better cooked!

Further information on the rescue can be found on the zoo’s website Five Sisters Zoo

We were delighted to help the zoo and especially the animals. If you would like more information about the zoo, perhaps you would like to visit, become a volunteer, or make a donation, further information can be found on their website Five Sisters Zoo

Ethical disposal of office furniture is an aspect of office renovations and removals that is often overlooked. However, we at RHT Group provide this service, you may wonder why we offer such a service. As a business, we are advocates of corporate and social responsibility, we can remove and sort old unwanted furniture and electrical items from your premises with zero landfill waste while helping local charities. Any furniture that is not suitable for donation to charities is then broken down into component parts to be environmentally recycled safely. Further information on our Ethical Disposal Service can be found on our website or get in touch via email: